‘Far Away’ film – Final Scene into Credits

See the post €˜Far Away€™ film (below) for more information on the actual film itself, the plot and things like that. This post is about the final scene that leads into the credits that is heard until the very end.

The first thing I set out to do was get the timing exactly right so that the main theme enters at the exact point the credits appear on screen. The Main Theme heard during the credits is a further message to the audience to say that Alex’s journey is complete, enhanced when the film ends on the relative major chord. The scene before the credits appear is another of Alex’s flashbacks as he remembers the many more happy moments he spent with his mother. I have created music that combines the happiness of these memories but also the sadness of the loss. Simplicity in my opinion works best here. I felt more instruments and tracks would have made it too dramatic. The solo guitar gives the feeling of relief that the journey is finally over and Alex can now move on in his life.

All Music by Oliver Daniel Nicholls 2015
Classical Guitar performed by William Knight


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