‘Far Away’ film – Main Theme

See the post ‘Far Away’ film (below) for more information on the actual film itself, the plot and things like that. This post is about the main theme for this film, which is heard at the beginning as Alex (the main character) is setting off on his journey.

My intention with the main theme was to keep the motif simple and cool with the sweet melody on classical guitar, building up at the right moment to fit in with what’s happening on screen. (See ‘Far Away’ film here that will  be available for everyone to watch€¦ soon). I feel I have achieved the overall sound I was hoping for, which was to create a sad yet determined feeling to reflect Alex’s dedication to complete the journey. The melody is reflected many times throughout the film, hinted across different parts both at the front of the mix and also floating in the back, in different keys, instruments, and times (it is heard in the background played at half the speed at one point). When writing music for a film such as this the music has to be coherent throughout and hearing the motif melody enhances the emotional connection with the main character (I hope). Deep stuff!

Anyway, more pieces to be uploaded in a couple of weeks time! Enjoy!

All Music by Oliver Daniel Nicholls 2015
Classical Guitar performed by William Knight


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