‘I Need Help’ song

Lyrics never usually flow straight away for me. Usually it’s the music that comes first and the lyrics come after. However with ‘I Need Help’ the lyrics and music came together. The funny thing is that when I wrote it I was actually stuck with some homework at the time (I was about 15 years old). I went to play the piano and mess around on it as I do, and thought it would be amusing to sing about struggling to do homework… It is the only song I have ever written where the lyrics and music just poured out. Just like that. I quickly got a pen and wrote them down as I went along. At the time it was really funny and I didn’t take it seriously. I still don’t really but people loved it and remembered us because of that song, so we decided to record it.

Lyrics and music by Oliver Daniel Nicholls (OllieDN) 2009
Lead vocals and Bass Guitar by Lewis Spring
Piano and backing vocals by Oliver Daniel Nicholls
Lead and Rhythm Guitar by Simon Nicholls
Drums by Leo Petrokofsky
Recorded and Produced by Alex Hehir


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