Possible Character Music (for Game)

I came up with this idea in around October 2014 with a quirky game character in mind. It would work well in a game setting because it is easy to listen to on a loop, and is not intrusive to the ear when it repeats. If anybody would like to use this music in their project please get in contact via email: [email protected]

The tonic to dominant bass line is one of my favourites and features in many of my compositions. The flute cuts through nicely. I did not want it to be too up front in the mix; instead I wanted it sitting nicely alongside the piano. If I was to improve the mix I would do more to increase the overall volume to get the energy pumping. However I am happy with this mix and loudness isn’t always everything. Overall this piece is a gentle, simple piece suitable for a character within a game. Enjoy!

All Music by Oliver Daniel Nicholls 2014


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