Radio Jingle for ‘Visionaries’

I was commissioned to write a Radio Jingle for the film ‘Visionaries‘ created by Inquisitive Pictures in April 2014.

Produced, Written and Directed by Linda Ludwig, Visionaries is about a radio presenter called Evie Harris who is blind from birth. Her birthday present, organised by her husband and their friends, is an operation for her to receive sight. Vision is an exciting new world for Evie at first, but the pressures and consequences of her new ability start to endanger her marriage and her way of life. It very soon seems like a curse.

I thoroughly enjoyed creating a jingle for the radio show within the film. It is based in the 1990s so I looked up many different jingles from that time period to reflect it in this piece. This was my first experience writing to a brief for a film.

All Music by Oliver Daniel Nicholls 20


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