‘Upside Down’ song

This is one of a few of my own songs I recorded during my first year of University. I hadn’t had much experience mixing or recording at this point. The first song I mixed is a song called ‘I don’t really care’. I spent hours and hours mixing this one although it was all experimenting… I listened to it the other day and I can do a much better job of it now. I plan to come back to it at some point and start the mixing again from scratch. I still think ‘Upside Down’ can be improved but I can be too much of a perfectionist€¦ And there has to come a point where I sit back and say it is finished. So this is the final version.

The song is about somebody who was in a desperate situation in their life. However their world was turned upside down when they met somebody who brought them hope, and laughter too. They were brought out of their sadness and learnt to appreciate life again.

Lyrics and music by Oliver Daniel Nicholls (OllieDN) 2010
Lead vocals and Piano by Oliver Daniel Nicholls
Lead and Rhythm Guitar and Bass Guitar by Michael Price
Drums by Mark Vincent
Recorded and Produced by Oliver Daniel Nicholls (OllieDN)
(Drums recorded by Michael Price)


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