Johnny Foreigner – The last Queens of Scotland music video

This is something random and fun that I got involved in at uni I thought I’d share. It was a project my mates did for one of their uni modules. The idea was to create a music video with very little time, no budget and hardly any previous experience. It turned out pretty well considering these factors!

Anyway the video is a song by Johnny Foreigner, an indie-rock band based in Birmingham.
‘The last Queens of Scotland’ is about a mad creature that enjoys killing bins, cutting their hearts out and doing some pretty weird things with it if you ask me! (I’m the bin in the video… Was very random¬†running around a park in a sweaty bin costume that I couldn’t see out of all day…)

Video Directed and Produced by Matt Ainsley and Guy Crossley 2014
Music and Faces by Johnny Foreigner
Masked man played by Jamie Loyn
Bin man played by Oliver Daniel Nicholls


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