Vagabond Legacy

Take a look at this game that I have done music for the game developer Harrk in the summer of 2014:

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.10.27

I have written music to set the scene in a dungeon setting. The character in the game is trying to escape from the dungeon where there are loads of monsters preventing them from leaving the dungeon. I hadn’t played many dungeon games before so I installed and played a couple of other dungeon games to hear what other composers had done. I found a trend in musical style between the games which then influenced me to get across a similar feeling. I enjoy making my work unique and creative so I put my own stamp on it.

I have also composed some music for the grass scene to reflect a lighter feel.

The game hasn’t yet been released yet! Here is a video of some of the gameplay with the music:

All music in this video by Oliver Daniel Nicholls


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